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Questions & Offers

From Alpha & Omega

  • Have you had your plan document examined by a qualified employee benefits professional in the last year or so to determine if it is still the best plan for your business today?

  • We will be happy to do that for you to determine that the document is in compliance with ERISA.

  • Are you aware of the standards of care for fiduciaries under ERISA? Are you aware of the documentation you should have in your files showing your proper discharge of those responsibilities? Are you aware of the personal liability of fiduciaries and how long that liability continues?

  • Peter Preovolos, President of Alpha & Omega Financial Management, Inc. is a Certified Investment Fiduciary Analyst. This designation is given to professionals who have completed rigorous training and passed the National Board Exam. This designation permits them to audit the compliance to ERISA standards by plan fiduciaries and issue a certified report. In the wake of Enron and other fiduciary failures this function has come into sharp focus.

  • How well do your participants understand the various investment choices available to them and how to manage risk by proper asset allocation? Does your TPA and Investment Advisor meet with you and your employees to discuss these things and answer questions?

  • Ignorance is not bliss and can be costly. We would like to discuss these issues with you and make you aware of how we can help educate your participants to give them a better understanding of the results they could reasonably expect based on the choices they make and how better to prepare for the future.

  • Does your TPA personally deliver your annual report and form 5500 and discuss each item with you?

  • That is a valuable service. We do that for our clients.

  • Is your TPA responsive when you call for help and are your questions answered to your satisfaction?

  • We think that is very important and take it very seriously.

  • Our services are competitively priced and designed to meet your specific needs.

  • We would be pleased to provide you with a proposal to give you the opportunity to compare value
    based on what we have outlined above. There is real value in what we do for our clients and
    we welcome the opportunity to share that with you.