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Alpha & Omega, Inc.’s Investment Programs are designed exclusively for retirement plans, IRA’s and individuals. These programs are designed to offer a broad array of investment choices to meet the needs of the plan or the individual objectives and goals. These include programs offered by independent money managers, mutual funds, insurance companies and bank common trust funds.

These investment programs are selected based on:

  • consistency of performance
  • ability to add value
  • historic performance in up and down markets
  • risk/return relationship
  • assets under management, and
  • the ability to meet the Investment Advisory

Committee’s or individuals’ written objectives. All advisors in our Programs are under contract to either John Hancock, SEI Investments or First Mercantile Trust. All three organizations act primarily as custodian. Having an independent Trustee/Custodian ensures an objective review of performance and facilitates replacing investment programs and managers when necessary based on a very disciplined and quantitative analysis.

Advantages of this Type of Program

Diversification – Diversity of risk and return potential are available with our multiple choices of funds and managers including:

  • a pooled GIC fund
  • fixed income
  • investment grade utilities
  • balanced, global, international and fixed equities
  • value equities
  • growth equities
  • annuity programs, and
  • emerging market debt
  • targeted investments
  • lifestyle investments

Cost Effectiveness – Because your management fees are based on the total assets under management rather than just assets in your Plan, you pay lower fees than you would otherwise pay. In fact the program allows you access to independent investment advisors previously available only to the largest Plans of the Fortune 2000 variety.

Flexibility – Our program is designed for maximum flexibility. We can easily add or replace advisors and funds in order to offer the top advisors in various investment categories.

On Line Access – each employee and participant is allowed access to their account through a secure internet environment and personalized password and personal identification number.

Accountability – Each advisor’s performance is thoroughly reviewed on a quarterly basis to ensure that performance standards are met and that stated investment policies are being followed. Our emphasis is on ongoing excellence and our policies prevent “knee-jerk” reactions during down quarters.

Organizational Structure


We are committed to meeting the unique needs of you and your company. Many of the Plans or individual programs we work with are quite similar, but we never make the assumption that any two Plans or Plan sponsors or individuals are alike. We listen to you to learn about your specific needs, and then we focus the efforts of our respective staffs on meeting those needs.

We are able to provide these levels of service because we focus all of our efforts on providing services for individuals and for qualified Plans. We are not interested in being all things to all people. We offer more in-depth expertise, more personal attention, more flexibility, and more measurable performance than anyone in the industry.

This commitment has allowed us to grow to serve thousands of investment accounts with billions in assets and thousands of Plan participants. While the laws, regulations, and investment trends will continue
to change in the years to come, you can always count on being an important and valued client.