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Investor Profile Questionnaire and Risk Assessment

The first step in the Asset Management Process is to determine your investor profile.  This profile will help define important factors such as your investment objectives, time horizon, and your attitude toward investing.

This profile will help build the base of information needed for you to progress to the next step in the asset management process - the development of an appropriate asset allocation policy.

To complete this profile, answer each question by checking the button that best matches your personal situation.  The point value of each answer is shown at the right in parenthesis.

Investment Objectives

Which choice best describes your investment objectives?

       Preserving principal and earning a moderate amount of current income (1)
       Generating a high amount of current income (2)
       Generating some current income and growing my assets (3)
       Growing my assets substantially (4)

Five years from now, what do you expect your standard of living to be?

       The same as it is now (1)
       Somewhat better than it is now (2)
       Substantially better than it is now (3)

Ten years from now, what do you expect your portfolio value to be?

       The same as or a little more than it is today (1)
       Moderately greater than it is today (2)
       Substantially greater than it is today (3)

What is your current income requirement (interest plus dividends) from this portfolio?

       More than 4% (1)
       2% - 4% (2)
       0% - 2% (3)

What do you want to do with the income generated by your portfolio?

       Receive all income (1)
       Receive some and reinvest some (2)
       Reinvest all income (3)

Risk Tolerance


You just received a substantial sum of money.   How would you invest it?

       In something that offers moderate current income and is very safe (1)
       In something that offers high current income with moderate risk (2)
       In something that offers high total return (current income plus capital appreciation) with moderately high risk (3)
       In something that offers substantial capital appreciation even though it is high risk (4)

Which of the following statements best describes your reaction if the value of your portfolio suddenly declined 15%?

       Very concerned - I cannot accept fluctuations in the value of my portfolio (1)
       Would not bother me if the amount of income I received is unaffected (2)
       Be concerned about a temporary decline even though I invest for long-term growth (3)
       Accept temporary changes due to market fluctuation (4)

Which of the following investments would you feel most comfortable owning?

       Certificates of Deposit (1)
       U.S. Government securities (2)
       Stocks of older, established companies (3)
       Stocks of newer, growing companies (4)

How optimistic are you about the long-term prospects for the economy?

       Pessimistic (1)
       Unsure (2)
       Somewhat optimistic (3)
       Very optimistic (4)

Time Horizons

What is the time frame for you to achieve your financial goals?

       0 - 5 years (1)
       5 - 10 years (2)
       10 - 15 years (5)
       15 years or longer (10)

What is your primary financial goal?

       Wealth preservation (1)
       Education funding (2)
       Retirement planning (5)
       Long-term wealth accumulation (10)

What is your age?

       Over 66 (1)
       56 - 66 (2)
       46 - 55 (5)
       Under 46 (10)

Investor's Score

Investment Objectives Total 

Risk Tolerance Total 


Time Horizon Total 

Total Score